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Sports Injury

Marron Wellness Center Provides Sports Injury Treatment

With another school sports season upon us, everyone is working on getting back into shape for another fun year. Sports teach a variety of skills in addition to staying in good physical shape. These include commitment, teamwork, and perseverance. Of course, whenever anyone plays competitive sports, it is important to place safety first. That is why the team at Marron Wellness Center is here to help everyone by proving them with access to a sports chiropractor in Eatontown. In order to stay safe during the season, it is important to understand some of the injuries that might develop. There is some helpful information from our chiropractor that everyone should remember.


An Overview of Sports Injuries that Might Develop

When someone is competing, an injury can happen at any time. There are several common areas that people might suffer injuries. These include:

Knee Pain: Knee injuries are some of the most common in the world of sports. Injuries to the knees can range from knee sprains to bruises and even torn ligaments. It can take a while to recover from a serious knee injury.

Back Pain: Back pain while playing sports can arise from a number of different issues. This could be from an overuse injury, leading to paraspinal muscle pain. There might also be a pinched nerve in the back.

Shoulder Pain: One of the most common ways that someone suffers a shoulder injury is by falling on an outstretched arm. This can lead to an AC joint sprain and possible rotator cuff damage. Effective rehab can help fix many shoulder injuries.

Elbow Pain: The elbow is another common site of sports injuries. Those who play golf and tennis are at a particular risk of irritating certain structures within the elbow. It is also possible for baseball players to damage their ulnar collateral ligament, also called the UCL.

When someone has suffered a sports injury, it is important to have access to comprehensive treatment services. We are here to help you and your athletes!

Rely on Marron Wellness Center for all Sports Injury Services

Injuries can develop at any time and it is important for every athlete to take care of their body. That is where the team at Marron Wellness Center can be helpful. We provide a wide array of services to ensure that everyone has access to comprehensive healthcare services. We will work hard to make sure that your athletes are ready to go for every practice and game. Please call us today to schedule an appointment. A sports chiropractor in Eatontown can help with both injury treatment and prevention, so come and visit us today! We are here to help you!



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