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Insurance Information

Insurance Coverage for Your Visit At Marron Wellness Center

If you're interested in care in Eatontown, NJ or the surrounding region of Red Bank and the rest of Monmouth County, you might be questioning how you're going to pay for your visit with Marron Wellness Center. At one point, chiropractic care and other holistic treatments weren't covered, but this is no longer the case. You're now able to utilize your out-of-network insurance coverage for our services.

We're Out-of-Network

You're still able to use our services, and your insurance will cover your visit. The term "out-of-network" just means there isn't a contract between us and your health insurance provider. We'll still cover a predetermined amount of your visit and services.

Why We're Out-of-Network

The term "out-of-network" may make you cringe. You automatically think you're paying a higher price for services. However, we keep our status this way for a reason. We want everyone who wants to utilize our services to be able to have access to our treatments. We believe patients have the right to choose any medical services they want without insurance companies placing limitations of who they're able to see.

Because we're not bound by your insurance company's regulations, we're able to provide you with a wider range of services. This means your treatment with us is flexible and designed to tailor to your specific needs without having to worry about the specific requirements of your insurance. Keep in mind, the hospitals and facilities that classify as "in-network" are required to follow stringent rules regarding when, where and who performs your procedures as well as how a practitioner performs the services. These strict regulations actually slow down the progression of advancements and at Marron Wellness Center, we desire to keep progress in the field continuously developing and advancing, so you receive the highest level of care possible. We're able to give you this level of care because we choose to remain an out-of-network carrier. We should mention we accept Medicare.

How We Help With the Insurance Coverage

We're available during regular business hours to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance coverage. We discuss your insurance, so you're not surprised with a bill after you acquire our services. Generally, we take a portion of your first visit with us to discuss your insurance coverage and what to expect in terms of your financial responsibility for the bill. We'll also discuss if it may be cheaper to pay strictly out-of-pocket.

Let's say you receive a bill from your insurance company stating your financial obligation for a visit with Marron Wellness Center. Feel free to contact us immediately to determine if the bill is legitimate or if the insurance company may have made a mistake. We'll read all the fine print of your insurance to alleviate the stress of having to do it, and then we'll educate you on why you received the bill in a way you understand.

Schedule an appointment with Marron Wellness Center, serving Eatontown, Red Bank and the surrounding Monmouth region, by contacting us at (732) 542-1272 to discover why you should choose an out-of-network provider for your health and wellness.


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