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Welcome to Marron Wellness Center, where we proudly serve the Greater Red Bank area (including Eatontown, Fairview, Oceanport, Tinton Falls, Ocean Township, and Lincroft) and all of Monmouth County — providing our patients with the highest standard of care. No matter what your symptoms may be, our chiropractic and rehabilitation teams are here to assist you with a vast array of available treatment options.

Services Offered In Eatontown
There are numerous tried-and-true techniques and treatment methods we frequently use to treat symptoms just like yours on a regular basis here in our office including:

Acupuncture In Eatontown
This treatment is great for relieving pain and is even effective in stimulating the release of feel-good endorphins, which means you can relieve your pain and feel better without the need for medications. Specifically, acupuncture involves the strategic placement of tiny needles at various "trigger points" throughout the body.

Physical Therapy In Eatontown
There are many reasons as to why we may recommend physical therapy here in our office. Most often, this becomes necessary when a recent injury, surgery, or other condition has left you with a lack of mobility or other physical problems. Through the use of our specialized techniques and exercises, we can work to help you regain your range of motion, strength, and balance.

Chiropractic Adjustments In Eatontown
A chiropractic adjustment involves the careful and skilled manipulation of the spine to bring it into improved alignment, which can have numerous health benefits for the patient. A misaligned spine can create challenges, such as pinched nerves, a weakened immune system, and pain throughout the body. However, with just one spinal adjustment, you can enjoy a great deal of relief.

Spinal Decompression In Eatontown
When the discs in between the spine's vertebrae become compressed or herniated, this can result in a great deal of pain not only in your lower back, but in your neck, hips, shoulders, and elsewhere in the body (especially if the sciatic nerve is involved). With spinal decompression, we can relieve excess pressure on the discs and even the sciatic nerve, providing you with much-needed relief from your symptoms.

K-Laser Therapy In Eatontown
Our K-Laser therapy involves the use of lasers to painlessly penetrate the skin and stimulate cell repair, which is ideal for relieving inflammation, pain, and swelling. These sessions can be done quickly in our office and without concern over side effects or harm.

Request an Appointment With One of Our Providers

If you think any of these services could help you find relief from your symptoms, we encourage you to give our office at Marron Wellness a call at (732) 542-1272 today. We'd love to schedule an appointment that works with your hectic schedule and take the time to answer any questions you may have about our practice. Our team looks forward to serving you soon!

Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

  • David Marron, DC
    Chiropractor & Owner

    Dr. David Marron is the owner and operator, as well as Chiropractor, at Marron Wellness Center. He has been a practicing chiropractor of Monmouth County for more than 30 years. He obtained his doctorate from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1983 and later passed the New Jersey Chiropractic Board Examination in 1984.

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  • Kristi White, DPT
    Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Kristi’s aspiration to become a Physical Therapist came after observing an extremely personal lymphedema treatment given by a very enthusiastic and passionate physical therapist. Her knowledge and abilities helped a patient, who initially could not walk into the facility due to severe swelling, rise above her condition, walking up and down the hospital hallways following her treatment. At this very moment, “my life path had changed, from the business world, full–steam into the medical profession of Physical Therapy”, Kristi says.

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  • Stephanie Strohmenger
    Physical Therapist

    Dr. Stephanie Strohmenger is a licensed Physical Therapist who was recentlybrought on to the Marron Wellness Center Team. Stephanie received herundergraduate and Doctorate degrees from University of the Sciences inPhiladelphia, graduating in 2009 with Cum Laude Honors and passing the NewJersey Physical Therapy Board Examination soon after graduation.In 2009, Stephanie began working at JFK Medical Center in the InpatientRehabilitation department. 

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  • Kris Sparacino, L.AC

    Kristopher Sparacino is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New Jersey and is board certified Diplomat of Acupuncture by the National Board Certification Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. His personal experience with acupuncture led him to complete the 3-year graduate program at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. Kris strives for an organic and intuitive approach to guide his treatments. Kris works with his patients not only to treat their symptoms but also to discover the root of their ailment and bring them back into balance. Kris continues self-cultivation by way of Meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercise.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients


    I was recommended by my Homeopathic doctor who said he wouldn't go anywhere else and I agree 100%! Dr Marron in a word is Awesome! His staff is knowledgeable and friendly and with the additional help from their physical therapist Raj my back and shoulder is feeling better than it has in over over 20 years. I recommend them to everyone every chance I get. Even my 4 kids say that Dr Marron is the best!


    S. Slovenz


    I can not say enough good things about Dr. Marron & his staff. He has resolved both neck & back issues for me for the past few years. I credit him for keeping me active in the sports I love most. Dr. Marron is most certainly a credit to his profession!!!


    M. Minor


    I can not say enough good things about Dr. Marron & his staff. He has resolved both neck & back issues for me for the past few years. I credit him for keeping me active in the sports I love most. Dr. Marron is most certainly a credit to his profession!!!


    M. Sullivan

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